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X-bionic Mototuring Short Socks Grey/Black/Orange Men´s clothing,x bionic outlet salzburg,Official UK Stockists

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  • X-bionic Mototuring Short Socks Grey/Black/Orange Men´s clothing,x bionic outlet salzburg,Official UK Stockists

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X-bionic Mototuring Short Socks Grey/Black/Orange Men´s clothing,x bionic outlet salzburg,Official UK Stockists_checkout
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14-WAY PROTECTION. COMES STANDARD EVEN ON SHORT X-SOCKS®. Speed and endurance are also a question of weight. Therefore X-SOCKS® Moto Touring Short are cropped short and are especially light. Nevertheless, they offer a broad range of function for optimal wearability: The Shin Protector proctects this sensitive area, the Calf Protector reduces friction, and the Side Protector disperses force. The X-Cross® Bandage stabilises the tendons and muscles around the ankle. The Traverse AirFlow Channel System, a three-channel cross-ventilation system under the sole of the foot, draws away moisture and warmth and conducts both through the the AirConditioning Channel® and out of even a snuggly sitting shoe. In return, fresh air can circulate under the sole of the foot for optimal temperature regulation.


- Technical Composition: 29% Robur™, 24% Nylon, 21% Wool, 18% Mythlan™, 6% Acrylic, 2% Elastane
- Material: 53% Nylon, 21% Wool, 18% Polypropylene, 6% Acrylic, 2% Elastane


- Self-adjusting cuff (Socks): Adapts to any size leg without slipping or constricting.

- Shin Protector: protects and absorbs.

- Air-Conditioning Channel®: Conducts air away from the anatomically shaped footbed via the inside surface of the foot and thus ensures that moist,overheated air is pumped out of even tight fitting shoes with every movement.

- Calf Protector: Pads and relieves strain on the muscles, without restricting them.

- Side Protector: Special side impact protectors regulate and support the function of the AirConditioning Channel®.

- Instep Protector: The Instep Protector cushions and acts as a shock-absorber, significantly reducing the incidence of painful pressure points and scraping, bruising and blistering.

- Lambertz-Nicholson Achilles Tendon Protector™: Thanks to its highly abrasion-resistant and impact-absorbing material, the protector protects the Achilles tendons from pressure points and friction from the top of the shoe. The sensitive Achilles tendons arent stressed because they are encased in the cushioning pod.

- X-Cross® Bandage: The unique crossover ankle bands, knit of elastic materials, give stressed tendons, muscles and joints secure hold and stability without limiting freedom of movement.

- Toe Protector: Guards against blisters and chafing.

- ToeTip Protector: Asymmetrical impact-absorbing protectors made of hollow-core Robur™ fibers cushion and protect toes at the pressure-sensitive tips.

- Anatomically shaped footbed: For “L”-left and “R”-right foot with integrated AirConditioning Channel®.

- Traverse AirFlow Channel System™: Regulates the temperature of the sole of the foot and conducts moist and overheated air into the AirConditioning Channel®.

- Heel Protector: Guards against pressure and friction.

- AirFlow™ AnklePads: Ankle bones are often scraped up during falls since they jut out from the sides of the legs. The crescent-moon-shaped alignment of the pads offers the best possible protection without affecting the ventilation ability of the AirConditioning Channel®.

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Color: Grey ,Black ,Orange

X-BIONIC - Men´s clothing - Socks,Color: grey,Color: black,Color: orange