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X-bionic Energizer MK2 Underwear t-shirts Black/Red Men´s clothing,BIONIC online here,popular stores

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X-bionic Energizer MK2 Underwear t-shirts Black/Red Men´s clothing,BIONIC online here,popular stores_checkout
bionic discount code Men´s clothing Underwear t-shirts ,X-bionic Energizer MK2 Underwear t-shirts Black/Red Men´s clothing BIONIC discount,newest collection

REDUCE SWEAT, DONT PREVENT IT. For automobile owners, the 'MK' marking system may just mean a simple model number. For the team of developers, though, these two letters alone represent months or even years of painstaking work and innumerable tests.

The strategic focus is not just the design, but rather is more performance enhancements of the product: More horsepower, larger capacity, better chassis. In the end, of course, its all about higher speeds and better safety.

Thats exactly the philosophy of X-BIONIC. Superior products, like the BIONIC Energizer, arent just replaced, rather they are constantly improved. Our Swiss textile engineers needed months and months in the research laboratory together with our performance athletes.

They focused mostly on the athlete, not on the product. How can we better support athletes in their endeavours? In the end, you could hardly recognize the BIONIC Energizer anymore: a much larger 3D-BionicSphere System, newly defined ventilation chambers, better joint protection.


- Technical composition:

- Skin NODOR: 70%

- Polyamide: 22%

- Elastane: 5%

- Mythlan: 3%

- Material composition:

- Polyamide: 92%

- Elastane: 5%

- Polypropylene: 3%


The problem:

Traditional thermal underwear does one thing systematically: It keeps the body enveloped in its own heat. But what can be a pleasant feeling at one point can lead quickly to overheating.

The solution:

The AirConditioning Channel is a ventilation system of channels that wrap around the body, continuously carrying away moisture and warmth. It allows air to flow to body regions not normally accessible by fresh air circulation. Physiological studies have shown that e.g.

the chest area is an optimal zone for quick and effective venting and cooling. Exchanging fresh air over a system of channels cools the chest area without spreading a “cold” sensation throughout the body. The constant air movement along the AirConditioning Channel also effectively draws moisture away from the sweat zones.

AirGuides work like spacers and borders along the AirConditioning Channel. The AirConditioning Channel must be combined with the AirGuides for winter use. The AirGuides maintain space between heavy winter upper body garments and a pack, whilst ensuring a highly effective quantity and flow of fresh air through the AirConditioning Channel.

The problem:

As soon as your muscles quiver from fatigue, their lack of strength will hinder your performance. And athletic success will slip farther from your grasp.

The solution:

Functional sports wear by X-BIONIC is the intelligent technical layer that thanks to compression can help athletes again edge closer to success because it stabilises active muscles. They don’t quiver; rather they can more effectively use the energy resources that are there for the taking. Even in in the more advanced stages of races you’ll be able to fully rely on on your muscles with X-BIONIC.

Even when you already have the championship in your grasp. Optimal oxygen uptake and nutrient supplies for your body also are an important foundation for athletic success. If you are hungry for victory, you can’t let your body starve in any stage of the race. X-Impact Technology stabilises your capillaries and veins.

It takes the stress off your circulatory system and quickly supplies muscles and organs with performancing-enhancing oxygen and nutrients. Your body can tap into all of ts resources at the right time so you can be victorious in the tough races.

The problem:

Knees and elbows can bend up to 160 °. However, most textiles can’t withstand this stress without being pulled thin and, hence, resulting in a loss of functional insulation.

The solution:

X-BIONIC, incorporated the ExpansionRibs at the elbows and the ExpansionKnee at the knees. The knitted fabric folds apart based on the accordion principle, insuring that winter cold doesn‘t cool down these sensitive body parts.

Even when sharply bent, the insulating effect is maintained through warm air stored in the interior. The flexibility of the ExpansionRibs and the elasticity of the yarn allow a frictionless freedom of movement. Even sports with continuous arm and leg movement, such as Nordic Walking, produce no symptoms of musculature exhaustion from the movement of the ExpansionRibs. The Soma Stormcap comes with the ExpansionNeck, keeping the neck warm.

The problem

During activity, the body perspires. The natural function of sweat is cooling the body to keep it at the optimal temperature of 37 °C. Traditional functional undergarments siphon off all sweat, leading the body to continue to increase its sweat production. The result is loss of water, minerals and salt, no optimal cooling effect and therefore decreased performance.

The solution

The patented and unique 3D-BionicSphere System retains important resources to keep you performing better. Less energy is expended in regulating body heat, leaving you more energy reserves for your training. The body produces varying amounts of heat in different regions of the body, with that coming from the chest and back particularly high because of the need to protect internal organs.

The 3D-BionicSphere System leaves a thin film of moisture on the skin without the body sensing wetness. SweatTraps then transport excess sweat, allowing it to evaporate, then disposing of it via thermal dynamics. Remaining is only a comfortable, thin, cooling layer of moisture. Of course: No sweat, no cooling. By freezing temperatures the entire system of channels functions as insulation by both rest and recovery phases. In this way you avoid the risk of over-chilling during your activity.

The problem:

Of the 3 million sweat glands in our skin, almost 300 per square centimetre are packed into the underarm area, twice as many as on the forehead. As soon as our muscles begin to warm up, sweat production kicks in. Traditional garments are not able to effectively draw away the moisture.

The solution:

To prevent excessive sweat dripping even at the beginning, X-BIONIC built in the SweatTraps where sweat is collected. The Evaporation Surface Expander in this area helps process sweat from the SweatTraps away from the skin.

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Color: Black ,Red

X-BIONIC - Men´s clothing - Underwear t-shirts,Color: black,Color: red

X-bionic Energizer MK2 Underwear t-shirts Black/Red Men´s clothing,BIONIC online here,popular stores
X-bionic Energizer MK2 Underwear t-shirts Black/Red Men´s clothing,BIONIC online here,popular stores
X-bionic Energizer MK2 Underwear t-shirts Black/Red Men´s clothing,BIONIC online here,popular stores