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X-bionic Effektor Trail Running Pants training Black Men´s clothing,BIONIC online here,reliable supplier

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X-bionic Effektor Trail Running Pants training Black Men´s clothing,BIONIC online here,reliable supplier_checkout
BIONIC clothing Men´s clothing Pants training ,X-bionic Effektor Trail Running Pants training Black Men´s clothing BIONIC outlet store,Clearance Prices

Trail running is your passion. Maximum performance and concentration even where there are no paths and trails. Deep mud, slippery rocks or thick vegetation, nothing holds you back. Not even the need to look after your functional clothing. After all, the Effektor Trail Running Powerpants can look after themselves. Packed full of patented high-tech functions for no-compromise performance. And reinforced with a yarn that won’t rip even on sharp thorns. Where others contestants may have difficulties, Effektor Trail Running Powerpants will allow you to build consistently on your performance advantage on the trail.


- Compression: High compression
- Insulation: Light

Technical composition:
- 90% Skin NODOR®
- 5% Mythlan™
- 5% Elastane

Material composition:
- 90% Polyamide
- 5% Polypropylene
- 5% Elastane


X-BIONIC® Partial Kompression:
- A new benchmark in compression technology. Partial Kompression by X-BIONIC® utilises the advantages of compression without neglecting cooling.

The problem:
- Compression improves muscle uptake of oxygen and nutrients, reduces muscle vibrations and improves recovery. Mechanical pressure can however negatively influence the blood circulation. If no sweat remains on the skin, the blood cannot be cooled and the bodys cooling system does no longer work properly.

The solution:
- Partial Kompression by X-BIONIC® utilises the advantages of compression without neglecting cooling.
- During sport activities body warmth is created. In extreme situations up to 1,200 watts worth. Up to 90 % of this is released by the athlete from the skin to maintain a body temperate of 37 °C. X-BIONIC® Partial Kompression applies targeted pressure on 1mm wide ridges. Left and right of the ridge is a compression-free area where compression could have a negative effect on blood circulation to the skin. In this way the blood flow through veins and capillaries remain unimpeded. Partial Kompression uses the skin as a surface for cooling and, thus, can take advantage of the body’s personal micro-climate for optimising performance.

37° CCR-Technology™:
- An over-heated or under-cooled body is not able to perform. That’s why it works to keep itself constantly at the optimal body temperature of 37°C.

The problem:
- In order for the human body to function, its body core temperature must be 37 °C. If it threatens to drop below that, the body tries to maintain it by shutting off the blood flow in the veins and capillaries to the extremities, and by starting to shiver. It‘s different with sport. Physical exertion and activities dilate your blood vessels. And when the body temperature begins to climb, the body starts to sweat. Both situations demand energy. Enormous amounts of energy.

The solution:
- The 37 °CCR Technology™ developed by X- Technology supports the body in its effort to maintain the core body temperature at a point where we feel quite comfortable using precisely controlled heat dissipation without the risk of chilling.
- Athletes use up to 97% of their energy to regulate their body temperature. That is the result of scientific investigations conducted by Professor Wilfried Joch at Munster University and his colleague Dr. Sandra Ückert at Dortmund University. That‘s why sweat plays such a decisive role. The thoughtfully conceived layering system of X-BIONIC® takes advantage of the potential of sweat: It turns it into energy. You save power and increase your performance ability.
- The thermal image illustrates this: Humans produce different degrees of warmth on different parts of their bodies. The body reacts to temperature variations with changes in energy use that can drain performance ability. Heat illness and hyperthermia are extreme conditions just like hypothermia that the body guards against.

Neural Response Effect:
- Partial Kompression puts peripheral nerve cells in a constant state of readiness, optimises the exchange of neural impulses between muscles and brain, increases muscle reactions, contractions and coordination, and decreases the risk of injury and exhaustion.

3D-BionicSphere® System at the tailbone:
- The sweat of the lower back area is conducted through the 3D-BionicSphere® System to the tailbone for evaporation. The SweatTraps® on the lower back are targeted specifically at catching sweat flowing toward the buttocks. This first phase, which often leads to friction sores, is interrupted before it can even begin.

Extra-robust yarn:
- Prevents the material from ripping if you encounter thorns or undergrowth on the trail. Maintains the value and the power function of your running pants.

HeatTransfer Zone:
- Optimal heat dissipation.

- The highly elastic cuff ensures perfect fit without constricting.

- Targeted insulation of individual body parts against ambient coldness can prevent the body from getting cold. This is why ISO-Pads over the hipbones retain body heat that is necessary to guarantee interior organ functionality.

- This 3D construction collects perspiration on the upper thigh and maintains it directly upon the skin so it can evaporate optimally while directly on this important muscle group. Between periods of exertion, the Intercooler™’s rib technology lies in a wavelike structure on the muscle to provide insulation.

Two-Step 3D-BionicSphere® System:
- The high-tech knitting technology ensures optimal grip and climate comfort. The different ribs and surface constructions support and transport moisture as well as warmth.

- The accordion principle behind the ExpansionKnee™ improves its insulating character rather than losing it when the knee is bent. A highly flexible system of chambers and channels provide insulation by storing warm air inside.

- The knee hollow perspires quickly and heavily. A fine, circular knitted fabric has been incorporated there. Perspiration dissipates and is pushed outward with the aid of body warmth without the risk of chilling.

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Color: Black

X-BIONIC - Men´s clothing - Pants training ,Color: black

X-bionic Effektor Trail Running Pants training Black Men´s clothing,BIONIC online here,reliable supplier